Dix Pix is a short animated documentary that looks at the gay male/trans/non-binary body and why it is common for people to send naked pictures via dating apps. The documentary takes an experimental approach in its visual style and tackles themes of masculinity, queerness, solitude and the body.


Gay dating and hookup apps such as Grindr have changed the way gay people communicate when looking for a partner. Face to face communication is not the first port of call. When using Grindr it’s very common to receive unsolicited pictures of naked people with penises or dick pics as they are also known. Grindr has over 2.4 million daily users – https://www.statista.com/statistics/719621/grindr-user-number/. In Dix Pix I examine the need for the male (and other genders who have a penis) body to be exposed in order to gather attention through dating apps. Dix Pix uses evocative animation, provocative imagery and visceral voice-overs that contain words filled with passion, excitement and humour. The film lays this area of gay life bare and shows why gay men (and other genders) feel the need to fully expose their bodies in the way they do. Visually the film is made up of hand drawn images which are influenced by dick pics received via Grindr. The words of the film are influenced by interviews, conducted over the app, with the people who have sent these pictures.

With Dix Pix I have created a short experimental documentary that highlights the issues around bodies that have a penis and why naked images are sent to one another. Through the expressive visual style and the inventive method of researching through Grindr, I look at themes of Mental Health, Body Image, Queer Sex, Communication and Sex Education. Dix Pix presents these themes in an exciting, beautiful, passionate and intriguing way.

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Directors Statement
I am an artist, writer and animator. My background is in experimental film and performance installations. I am a deeply emotional and passionate person. I have a gentle and optimistic personality and I look to focus on the positive and the light when the world can seem unwelcoming.
I look at my filmmaking from the upside down. My distinctive projects begin by investigating the unbalance and disorder that living with Asperger’s and anxiety impose. I probe, analyse and challenge my behaviours. This creates a form of catharsis that I put into my honest and passionate films. The result is a truthful and exciting form of art and filmmaking that I share with audiences, who in turn connect with the words and imagery. My art embraces a queer perspective where my sexuality and personal outlook is reflected through the individual language and stimulating visual style. My experience with solitude and anxiety has drawn me to the subject matter of Dix Pix. Passing naked pictures from one mobile device to another has allowed sexual communication to occur without the need of face to face contact. As a man with anxiety and body issues this has intrigued me. Why send a picture of your penis to another man? Are all these people living with anxiety and cannot talk in person? I will look to answer these questions in Dix Pix. I wish to make it now as I feel that the story is prevalent one and one which I have an insight to. Being queer and curious about the male body gives me an exciting and distinct perspective that I can transfer to the screen.